The Beigel Bake on Brick Lane has been a landmark of the East End for over 30 years. It draws hundreds of visitors every day to sample its signature product. I wanted to go behind the scenes to see what it takes to cater for such a huge demand.

The first stage of the process is making up the mix that goes into making the dough.

As well as flour, the mix includes salt, sugar, malt, yeast and water.

After thorough mixing, the dough is removed...

...and rested to give it time to rise.

It is then split into 7 pound chunks, left to rest again and the pieces are then flattened to prepare them for the next stage.

Each one is put into a divider which splits it into 36 equal pieces which are in turn left to rise for a further period.

They are then fed into a machine which transform them into their bagel shapes.

A further period of rest follows

Before they are emptied into a bath of boiling water.

Next the bagels are transferred to the penultimate stage in the process, when they are arranged on wooden planks to prepare them for the oven.

The hot water was essential as without a good coating, they would stick to the wood.

The planks are next moved to the oven

Where they are left for approximately half an hour.

30 minutes later they are good to go, and the cycle can start again.

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